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JDC Sparsha Educational trust
Play home, pre-nursery, L.K.G, U.K.G & Special School
ESTD. 1996

Friendly Atmosphere

Personalised care with lot of love and affection is given to the children in a very cordial & friendly atmosphere.

Targeted Learning

Individual Learning Programmes are created for the physical, mental and social development of each child.

Outdoor Activities

Our learning centre has ample play area along with relevant play equipment, children are made to participate in different sports meet along with regular field trips.

After School Therapy Sessions

Children are given support in the following areas.

  1. Learning Disability
  2. Behavioural Issues and Social Development
  3. Lack of Attention and Sitting Tolerance
  4. Academic Support

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Mrs. A Shakila Banu

Founder, Principal & Special Education Expert

Mrs. A Shakila Banu

Founder & Managing Trustee

Mrs. Rajeshwari N

Senior Special Education Teacher & Assistant Manager


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Every Child is special


  • IMPART  —  quality education
  • INSPIRE —  to reach great heights
  • INSTIL    — good human values

The vision of JDC Sparsha Trust is to extend services and expertise towards education and vocational training of special children. Our goals include integrating special children to mainstream and creating a pool of teachers with on hand training of attending to kids with special needs. 
Our mission is to impart quality education, help children gain knowledge and reach their full potential. We want to ensure that we instill good human values along with confidence and independent nature of the children.

Visiting TherapistsStaff

Expert Guidance is given every week for the progress of every individual child. 

Dr. Balaji — Physiotherapist 

Mrs. Jyothsna — Speech Therapist

Over Twenty well trained, loving, caring and affectionate teachers

Our Programme

Our training programme for children inculcates the following therapies

  • Hand Function
  • Fine and Gross Motor Activity
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • ADLS
  • Pre-writing Skills

  • Speech and Music Therapy
  • Special Education
  • Cognitive Developments
  • Pre-vocational
  • Visual Motor Skills

  • Rishab was diagnosed with PDD NOS at the age of 3 yrs. and later with Autism. We tried some schools, speech therapy sessions and even education in US which didn’t yield much result. Post joining the special unit at Tom and Jerry school, Rishab has improved a lot. We find him interested in books and pictures. He has started singing and reciting rhymes. He is picking up writing letters, numbers and has improved in the area of identification and differentiation. The school staff stands out in their dedication and patience

    Harshavardhan and Rashmi

    (Rishab Harshavardhan, 9 yrs old)

  • Thanmy before joining your institution was an inactive boy. We tried many ways to make him a normal boy but all our attempts failed. We are now very happy that our child is getting normal. We are grateful to Banu madam for boosting up our morale and it’s due to her patience that our child is getting better. We are thankful to the institution, school teachers and other workers.

    R. Sheshadri and A. Anitha

    (S. Thanmy Gowda, 4 yrs old)

  • We are happy with the improvements of Gagan. He can spell some words, he has stopped to throw things, he can hold pencil, and can recognize fruits, vegetables,colors. He needs improvement in sitting tolerance, eye & hand coordination.

    Yoganarashima and Rashmi

    (Gagan Y Gowda, 5 yrs old)

  • Varshini has improved post joining Tom and Jerry school. She is listening to us better and she is doing the activities taught by her teachers in the school. We are repeating those activities at home as well. Thank you for all your support.

    Shiva Prasad BN and Nandini

    (Varshini, 9 yrs old)

  • The child’s performance review session was very good and helpful for us to understand the progress of our child. Noorien was good with matching, sorting and arranging things in order and most importantly in sequence and pattern. She has improved a lot. She is now identifying colors and shapes. She needs improvement in coin, gender and word activity. The class teacher has very well understood the nature of the child and helped her learn many more things.

    Syed Rijazuddin and Farheen Nazia

    (Aashira Noorien, 5 yrs old)

  • We attended Manav’s teacher interaction session on July 27th 2013. Overall we felt, the session was very good with comprehensive set of things which were taught. Manav’s sitting tolerance was also very good with his response to the teacher having also improved. We were very satisfied with the outcome of the session.

    Kannan Srinivasagam and Kartika Kannan

    (Manav Kannan, 9 yrs old)

  • We are satisfied with the school. The teaching method is good and innovative. Manoj is very happy and has improved a lot. Please continue the teaching methodology. Thank you.

    Srinivas Ninjoor and Triveni

    (Manoj Ninjoor, 10 yrs old)

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